Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tutorial: Step By Step CDS 2.0 Data Integration Tutorial Part 2 – Projects – YouTube

Part 2: CDS Data Integration Connections , Project Creation and Custom Mappings with Fin&Ops
Step by Step Tutorial on Data integration of Power Platform

_ Prospect to cash
_ Field Service Integration with Finance and Operations
_ Project Service Automation Integration with Finance and Operations
_ Talent Integration with Finance and Operations

  1. Prerequisites / Checklist before starting the setup
  2. Connections with Microsoft dynamics 365 and Dynamics
  3. Connection Sets
  4. Integration Keys
  5. Exploring Templates
  6. Creating Project
  7. Mappings / Custom Mappings
  8. Conditions / Filters i.e if status = approved or submitted then only sync
  9. Advance Query in Mappings
  10. Troubleshoot any Integration errors in Fin&ops or CRM

Table of Contents:

07:51 – Connection set for Data integration
09:08 – Create Project in Data integration
12:22 – Custom Mapping in Data Integration


Author: Manish chauhan

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