Canvas Apps: Launching Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement Record. – YouTube

This video is part of my ‘Easy Opportunities Manager’ series, which documents building a basic #CanvasApp #PowerApp to easily manage opportunity records in the Common Data Service (#CDS). The series is aimed at beginners and provides a complete step by step walkthrough of how to build an app on the #Microsoft #PowerPlatform. In this video, I add a toolbar to the Easy Opportunities Management canvas app and on the toolbar is an icon. When we press it, it opens up the selected opportunity record in the Dynamics 365 for Sales app.

Before I add this functionality, I move some controls from the detail screen to the edit screen before deleting the detail screen.
New concepts in this video include –
– Grouping controls
– Bringing controls forward
– Adding an image
– Using the Launch() function to open a URL


Author: Paddy Byrne

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