Microsoft Copilot Studio 101 – YouTube

📝 Microsoft Copilot Studio 101 with new UI

🔹 Single platform to create, publish, and manage custom AI copilots
🔹 Build new copilots or extend existing Microsoft copilots with your data
🔹 No coding or infrastructure setup required, SaaS-based graphical tool
🔹 Integrates Azure OpenAI, Cognitive Services, Bot Service, and more
🔹 Simple steps to create copilots with instructions, data sources, and topics
🔹 Add documents, websites, SharePoint, databases as knowledge sources
🔹 Build custom workflows and actions for specific scenarios
🔹 Publish copilots to websites, Teams, Microsoft 365, and other channels
🔹 Analytics to analyze performance, fill knowledge gaps, and improve
🔹 New capabilities: multimodal inputs, agentic workflows, conversation memories
🔹 Enterprise-grade security, compliance, and responsible AI controls
🔹 Customer examples: faster ROI, streamlined processes, better experiences


Author: Kasun Pathirana

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