Episode 1×5 – Malin Martnes – Are you sitting comfortably?

We're BACK! With a much delayed episode featuring the AMAZING Malin Martnes – the first and ONLY Microsoft MVP for Dynamics 365 Talent!

This is a monster episode but there is so much great content here that it would have been wrong to try to edit it down. So grab yourself a cuppa, some comfy slippers, and settle in to your cozy chair… or go for a long walk… or something that will take about an hour. 

In this episode we talk about different areas of Mental Health and how it has impacted so many aspects of life. We also talk about how important saying "How Are You" really can be, and then not saying "I'm OK" all the time.

This really is a cracking episode so take a listen. It was recorded late 2021 so there are references to Covid restrictions etc that have mostly eased, but still relevant.

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