Episode 1×4 – Carl Cookson – It's Good To Talk!

In this episode we are joined by Carl Cookson (https://twitter.com/LinkeD365) where we talk, very openly, about depression.

Carl is a fantastic person, and builder of some amazing tools that are available in XrmToolBox as well as being a blogger, speaker, and heavily involved in the Microsoft Community and Dynamics / Power Platform User Groups. Here he speaks candidly about his experiences and his methods of coping. 

With Mike & Alison asking questions and sharing their own stories, this is an episode that really does shatter stigmas and taboos around Mental Health, and shows that it's Good to Talk about the Things We Don't Talk About.

As always, please remember that we are just a bunch of people talking about our own stories. Please visit https://Hart365.co.uk/MHC/ for some helpful questions you can ask yourself, and some pointers to professional organisations.

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Author: Mike Hartley

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