Debug Android App in Chrome Dev tool – Microsoft dynamics 365 finance and Operation mobile – YouTube

Debugging Microsoft dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Android app on Chrome Browser dev tool (NOOD JS)

We will divide the post among 4 Parts

  1. Install android-debug.apk app on android (Provided by Microsoft and can be downloaded from Github)
  2. Enabling USB Debugging and Developer mode in Android Device
  3. Connecting to Remote devices (Microsoft dynamics Android app) from Google Chrome Browser which is now available under chrome://inspect/#devices
  4. Adding BreakPoint in JS and even change try CSS change from Element

Table of Contents:

00:00 – Introduction
00:24 – Finance Mobile Mode
01:40 – Install Apk from Unknown source
02:18 – Enable Developer Mode and USB Debugging
03:15 – Connecting Android App as Remote device
04:11 – Add Breakpoint on android app for debugg
04:48 – change css of android app realtime


Author: Manish chauhan

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