Webinar: Introducing Simplanova Chatbot for BC Customer Support – YouTube

This webinar will demonstrate the main QnA, issue logging, and knowledge base building features of Simplanova’s Teams bot. We will demonstrate a provisioned example, and attendees will be invited for a trial.

Sign-up for a trial at: https://simplanova.com/bc-support-chatbot/thank-you-bc-support-chatbot/bc-support-chatbot/

Using our Teams chatbot, you will be able to:
-Save time on repetitive customer questions;
-Log customer requests and questions via chatbot;
-Get insights into where your customers struggle most – what training and documentation they need;
-Add your solution or customization FAQs to the bot for full knowledgebase in one place;
-Train chatbot from inside MS Teams;
-Enhance your customer support experience.


Author: Justina Žiūraitė

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