Unpacking User Stories and Backlog Refinement with Dani Kahil – YouTube

#152. Host Neil Benson is joined by the talented Dani Kahil for an insightful discussion on managing backlogs and enhancing user stories in Azure DevOps and Jira. Neil shares his experiences with Jira, highlighting some configuration challenges, while Dani expresses a strong preference for Azure DevOps.

They dive into the hierarchy of backlog items, including epics, features, user stories, and tasks, and explore different approaches to tracking progress on a Kanban board. Throughout their conversation, Neil and Dani discuss the importance of refining user stories, enriching them with acceptance criteria, and prioritising features based on their value to the team or users. They also touch on the significance of releasing value quickly and iterating on functionality. Join us for an engaging conversation packed with practical insights and tips for efficient backlog management. Let’s get started!

Dani Kahil on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danikahil/
Dani’s blog: https://danikahil.com
Kahil Consulting: https://kahilconsulting.com/

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Author: Neil Benson

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