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This is an Apache Spark training video that is meant for both beginners and advanced learners. You will get in-depth understanding of performing high speed computation using Spark, program it using Scala language, understand Hive Spark, implement it on a Spark cluster and write Spark applications using Scala, Java and Python.
You will get to know about Spark RDD, its implementation and deployment in Spark applications, compare Spark and MapReduce, understand about Spark streaming and the various Spark use cases. It also includes the various Spark Classes, operations and executing pattern matching.
Software Engineers, Data Engineers, ETL Developers, Data Scientists and Analytics Professionals can benefit immensely from this Spark training video.
Apache Spark computing framework is up to 100 times faster than MapReduce. Spark is an alternative form of data processing that is extremely good at batch processing and streaming. Prepare yourself for Spark Cloudera Developer and Spark Professional Certification. This will help you to get professional credibility and get hired faster for high-paying jobs. Check the Intellipaat Spark training, tutorials and interview questions for more.


Author: Aprit Dixit

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