Scottish Summit 2022 – Luke Evans – Taking an Infrastructure as Code approach to Microsoft 365 – YouTube

At present, managing Microsoft 365 configurations across multiple tenancies has proven to be a difficult and complex job. Administrators have to manually manage and configure the hundreds of settings at their disposal to allow for their desired configuration.

However, in recent years, things have changed dramatically. Trends like cloud computing revolutionised—and improved—the way organizations design, develop, and maintain their IT infrastructure. One of the key concepts has been the introduction of Infrastructure as code (IaC). Explained simply, IAC means to manage your IT infrastructure using configuration files.

IaC is used extensively throughout cloud computing (Azure, AWS, etc.) but has never been utilised in the same manner for Microsoft 365.

In this session you will learn:

• How we can use IaC to deliver M365 deployments faster and more consistently
• How Microsoft 365 Desired State Config to
○ Manages
○ Configures
○ Extract and monitor Microsoft 365 tenant configurations

Technologies in covered in this session will be:

• Microsoft 365
• PowerShell
• Desired State Config
• VS Code
• Git


Author: Scottish Summit

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