SC300 Microsoft Identity and Access Management: Manage Azure AD Identity Protection – Part 2 – YouTube

Welcome to what is the 18th episode of the SC300 Microsoft Identity and Access Management series. We are now coming to the end of Module 2 and this episode is going to focus on Managing Azure AD Identity Protection. It is a two part episode with this being part 1.

Episode Breakdown:

00:00 – I Am IT Geek Intro
01:02 – Episode Breakdown
02:15 – Investigate Risk
05:30 – Risky Users
07:00 – Risky Sign-ins
08:36 – Risky Detections
09:48 – Remediation
12:16 – Implement Security for Workload Identities
13:03 – Workload Identities Requirements
14:02 – Type of Risks that are detected
16:27 – Demo: Monitor, investigate and remediate risk
21:42 – Episode Summary

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