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#140. Today, it’s just me, and I’d like to discuss what EMPIRICISM means to teams building complex, enterprise Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications.

In this episode, I’ll break down what empiricism is and its importance in Scrum, provide examples of work that would benefit from an empirical approach, and share insights on how we can use empiricism to build better business apps and improve our processes, tools, and techniques.


• [01:45] Why Scrum is based on an empirical process
• [05:01] Example of how empiricism works
• [06:21] Why the defined process control is the opposite of empiricism
• [10:01] The importance of empiricism in Scrum
• [10:53] Examples of simple work where Scrum is unnecessary
• [11:42] Examples of more complex work that would benefit from an empirical approach
• [14:07] What I love most about Scrum
• [15:50] Lessons that my business apps teams and I learned from our experiments
• [17:27] My challenge to you 


• What is the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle? (  
• OODA Look by John Boyd explained: the process (
• Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald’s by Ray Kroc  (
• Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) in Aquorea Victoria (  
• Empiricism (
• The Scientific Method ( Support the show (

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Keep experimenting 🧪


Author: Neil Benson

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