Power Apps Studio and GitHub ?

During the Christmas holiday, I used my time off to explore the integration between Power Apps and GitHub.

I started to explore this new feature because I wanted to see changes to the code. I mean real code. There is no way to easily see the code… Well, Power Apps is a no/low-code as we know, so I also know we should not want to see codeBut I do. I have to.

Working with Power…

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Power Apps Studio and GitHub ? ⋆ JonasR.app – the Trenches

Working with Power Apps Canvas is really nice, but I need code. The harsh raw code. Raw code makes my heart pump. Being able to read the code behind all the glossy click-drag-drop in the Power Apps Studio – that makes us understand on a quite new level.

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Author: Jonas Rapp ᴹᴠᴾ ??

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