Microsoft Synapse & Customer Insights with Frank Weigel – YouTube


• Find out more about Frank Weigel’s life and family background. 
• What Frank does when not working. 
• A conversation about Frank’s educational and career background. 
• Frank Weigel’s journey within Microsoft. 
• Talks about Frank’s role and what’s involved. 
• Understanding Customer Insights. 
• A discussion about the two elements of Customer Insights. 
• What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)? 
• Tell me about Microsoft’s CDP product? 
• Why do originations want to achieve a 360-degree view of their customers? 
• How does the Master Data Management system differ from CDP? 
• An overview of Microsoft orchestration. 
• How has Covid impacted the way customers look at CDP? 
• What Frank is seeing from Partners when it comes to CDP? 
• With most products licensed by those who can access the software, how does this work with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights? 

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Author: NZ365Guy

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