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Microsoft Docs for Dynamics 365 with Vivek Kumar and Jim Daly

Full Show Notes:

In This Episode
•Career Journeys with Microsoft
•What is Microsoft Docs?
•Software Developer Kit (SDK)
•Development of Microsoft Docs
•Docs for Microsoft Dynamics 365
•Using Microsoft Docs and usage
•Updates and changes

Between Jim and Vivek they have over 27 years working at Microsoft, with Jim clocking up nearly 17 years within the company, starting back in 2002 as a Training Content Developer. Jim is now Senior Program Manager on the Common Data Service for Apps Platform team. Alongside Jim we are joined by Vivek Kumar, who first joined Microsoft in 2008 as a Technical Writer at Microsoft in India. Vivek has been with the company for 11 years and is a Senior Programming Writer.

Book & Podcast
•History of Rome Podcast –
•History of England Podcast –
•The CRM Book –
•The Scot Durow Hour –
•CRM Tip of the Day –
•Hosk’s Dynamics CRM Blog –
•CNN Blogs –
•CRM Community Blogs –
•Neil Parkhurst –

Resources Mentioned
•Ribbon Workbench –
•VS Code –
•Google Earth –
•Google News –
•Inbox Zero –
•Monthly Task List
•Google Home Hub –

Music Credits
Music Credits
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