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In this machine learning tutorial we have taught machine learning in hindi.
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This machine learning tutorial covers what is machine learning, what is python and how machine learning is being done using python. You will learn various libraries and functions of python to achieve machine learning. You will also learn different machine learning algorithms like linear regression, logistic regression and decision tree; all in this machine learning in hindi tutorial.
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👉Following topics are covered in this video:
01:06 – Introduction to Python
06:20 – Installation of Python
07:07 – Python Variables
12:37 – Python Tokens
46:42 – Data Types in Python
01:06:00 – Hands-on: Data Types
01:09:35 – Hands-on: Comprehensions
01:14:13 – Conditional Statements
01:15:43 – Hands-on: Conditionals
01:22:58 – Looping Statements
01:24:36 – Hands-on: Loops
01:31:03 – Functions in Python
01:32:52 – Hands-on: Functions
01:39:40 – Classes and Object
01:41:13 – File Handling in Python
01:47:28 – Python Machine Learning Libraries
01:49:32 – Machine Learning Process
01:54:01 – What is NumPy?
01:57:50 – Why NumPy over Lists?
01:59:28 – What is a NumPy Array?
02:00:32 – Applications of NumPy
02:01:24 – Create a NumPy array
02:03:48 – Array Initialization
02:08:22 – Array Mathematics
02:12:00 – Indexing and Slicing in NumPy
02:14:25 – Array Manipulation
02:16:46 – Hands-on: NumPy
02:26:13 – Pandas
02:27:22 – Introduction to pandas
02:29:23 – features of Pandas
02:31:43 – Data Structures in Pandas
02:33:03 – Pandas Series Object and DataFrames
02:37:12 – Merge, Join and Concatenate using DataFrames
02:40:50 – Importing Datasets
02:42:30 – Analyzing Datasets
02:44:34 – Cleaning the Datasets
02:48:12 – Manipulating the Datasets
02:53:10 – Hands-on: Pandas
03:13:50 – Introduction to Matplotlib
03:15:04 – Matplotlib Concepts
03:18:13 – Bar Plot
03:21:52 – Scatter Plot
03:23:39 – Histogram
03:25:07 – Hands-on: Matplotlib
03:41:40 – Introduction to Seaborn
03:44:04 – Seaborn Functions
03:46:14 – Countplots
03:48:54 – Heatmaps
03:51:05 – Hands-on: Seaborn
03:59:27 – Linear Regression
04:15:20 – Hands-on: Linear Regression
04:35:10 – Decision Tree
04:44:11 – Hands-on: Decision Tree

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Why machine learning is important?

Machine learning might just be one of the most important fields of science that we are just moving towards. It differs from other science in the sense that this is one of the one domains where the input and output are not directly correlated and neither do we provide the input for every task that the machine will perform. It is more about mimicking how humans think and solving real world problems like humans without actually the intervention of humans. It focuses on developing computer programs that can be taught to grown and change when exposed to data.

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