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In this HTML tutorial for beginners video you will learn html from zero, starting from html fundamentals, basic elements in html, html tables, html forms and also a detailed project on html.
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👉Following topics are covered in this video:
00:00 – HTML Tutorial for Beginners
00:54 – Web Designer
02:06 – Web Programmer
04:35 – Client Server 2 tier Web Architecture
08:12 – What is HTML?
10:05 – HTML Template
17:41 – Main Categories of Elements and Attributes
34:43 – Types of Elements
49:02 – List of Elements Contained Inside a Form
01:17:23 – Form Elements
01:17:53 – Form Attributes
01:27:53 – HTML5 Forms – Input Types
01:46:49 – HTML5 Forms – Pattern Attribute
01:48:53 – HTML5 Forms – Pattern Quantifiers

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