How to set the Authoring Version in the Canvas App?

The Power Apps studio default version is set based on the environment location and the refresh cadence and this version will update automatically, when a new update is released.

You can change this authoring version of the canvas apps in the Power platform environment to an earlier version or the later version available for your environment.

Follow the below steps to view and change the authoring version in the Canvas Apps.


  1. Click on the below article link and create a Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome Profile.

    Create a Profile in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

  2. Click on the below article link to create Power Apps Trial.

    Create Microsoft Power Apps 30 days Online Trial Version

Follow the below steps after the Prerequisites.

Step 1: Click here to Open Power Apps Maker Portal in the new browser profile, created in the Prerequisites.


If you are using US GCC Cloud, then follow the below article for Power Apps Maker Portal URL.

Source link

Author: Arun Potti

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