How much time do product owners and subject matter experts spend in a sprint? – YouTube

If you’re wondering how much time the product owner or subject matter experts spend each sprint building Power Platform tor Dynamics 365 apps, watch this video to find out. Then join my Agile Foundations for Microsoft Business Apps course:

00:00 Start
00:58 Diana, the product owner
01:08 Natasha, the subject matter expert
01:37 Diana’s two-week sprint
01:47 Daily scrums
02:23 Sprint planning
02:38 Three amigos
03:08 Backlog refinement
03:53 Feature previews
04:15 External meetings
04:39 Stakeholder engagement
05:04 Sprint review and sprint retrospective
05:14 Free time
05:38 Diana’s total hours per sprint
06:27 Natasha’s two-week sprint
06:39 Backlog refinement
06:50 Feature previews
07:00 Acceptance testing
07:19 Sprint review
07:39 Natasha’s total hours per sprint
08:02 Conclusion
08:22 Free Agile Foundations for Microsoft Business Apps mini-course

The Amazing Applications podcast episode referenced in this video is here:

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Author: Neil Benson

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