Dynamics NAV report styling with Simplanova Report Designer – YouTube

Create Dynamics NAV RDLC reports quickly and easily with Simplanova Report Designer.

In video demonstration You can see how can make Textboxes bold, change line width and height, change align and add borders with Simplanova Report Designer.

Forget Visual Studio! Simplanova believes, that creating Dynamics NAV RDLC reports should be as intuitive, simple and quick as the original Classic version. To bring this historic level of simplicity into the modern development environment, we have created the Simplanova Report Designer! You think it is impossible? Check the video how we create a sample Sales Order print out in Simplanova Report Designer.

Want to know more how to create Dynamics NAV RDLC reports quickly? – Simplanova Report Designer RDLC report designer is here for You – http://simplanova.com/simplanova-report-designer/

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More about Dynamics NAV Upgrade – http://simplanova.com/dynamics-nav-services/dynamics-nav-upgrade/

Do You need Dynamics NAV Development services? – we can help You too – http://simplanova.com/dynamics-nav-services/dynamics-nav-development/


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