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#35. Mohamed Mostafa (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mohamed-i-mostafa/) is the Solutions Director at TechLabs London (http://techlabs.london/) , best known for iPropertyCloud (http://iproperty.cloud/) , a suite of business applications for property companies.

In this episode, Mohamed joins me to discuss the successful implementation of iPropertyCloud at Eagle Housing*. Eagle Housing is a rapidly-growing social housing organisation that manages 11,000 properties across the UK.

Eagle Housing was referred to TechLabs London by another customer when their original Dynamics 365 project wasn’t delivering the expected results.

Eagle Housing went live in production eight weeks after re-starting their project with TechLabs London! Then they used an agile approach to iteratively and incrementally enhance the system every four weeks based on feedback from the users.

Using an industry solution, like iPropertyCloud, TechLabs London is able to deliver most of the features that users need in that initial release. Starting with an industry solution was a critical factor in the project’s success.

They had the right people from the customer’s organisation on the project team including business analysts to provide and prioritise the requirements, and users available to test the application and provide their feedback.

Although Eagle Housing’s board of directors was split in their support for the Dynamics 365 project, because of the earlier project, Mohammed was able to persuade them to give his team a couple of months to produce results.

Not only has TechLabs London found a successful way of delivering projects remotely, they even have examples of customers they have never met, evaluating and acquiring iPropertyCloud and going live in production.

They had to keep a can-do attitude when faced with challenges integrating Dynamics 365 with an existing system managed by another vendor on behalf of Eagle Housing.

Mohamed invited the Microsoft team to meet Eagle Housing several times throughout the project. You don’t need to be an enterprise customer these days. Microsoft loves to hear from and meet any successful customer. And these success stories are good news for all Microsoft partners too (which is one of the reasons I’m producing this podcast series).
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Author: Neil Benson

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