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#57. Join me with Ana Inés Urrutia de Souza (https://www.linkedin.com/in/anainesurrutia/) , a Dynamics 365 HR consultant at FourVision and a rising star in our Power Platform community. Ana shares the story behind the amazing Dynamics 365 for Talent application her team deployed at Centria, in Lima, Peru.

• Ana came from an HR administrator role and today is an HR application functional consultant at FourVision.
• Ana’s project team created a Dynamics 365 for Talent companion app using Power Apps to enhance the recruiting process at Centria.
• HR departments and their applications are often treated as a cost to the organisation.
• This is slowly changing but sometimes HR professionals could do more to improve how they are perceived.
• COVID-19 has presented HR professionals with an opportunity to lead their company’s culture.
• It took a small team of just three people to build the Power App.
• Part-way through the project, the client asked for robotic process automation (RPA) to help improve the efficiency of their HR processes.
• At the end of the project, Microsoft announced that Dynamics 365 for Talent was being deprecated.
• The client wasn’t happy, of course, but they are able to use Talent Attract and Onboard until 2022.
• The upside of Microsoft’s changing product strategies is that Microsoft partners have become more flexible in their thinking and approaches. 
• Configuring Dynamics 365 for Talent was relatively easy. The hardest part of the project was integrating the Power App with SAP, which involved a dependency on another team.
• The project’s success was assisted by Ana’s HR career background which helped her empathise with her stakeholders.
• There was very open and transparent communication between the project team and its stakeholders that built trust.
• A third factor that contributed to the app’s success was the confidence and leadership of the HR general manager (who had been Ana’s former co-worker).

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