Dynamics 365 for Financial Services Transformation with Andrew Bibby – YouTube

#34. I chat with Andrew Bibby (https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrewbibby/) about his successful Dynamics 365 project at Devon Financial Services*.

Andrew is a Microsoft Business Applications MVP with over 12 years’ experience implementing Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement for several Microsoft partners and through his own company as an independent project advisor.

The CRM project at Devon Financial Services was a five-year business transformation programme to improve the efficiency of their financial advisors by digitising paper-based client on-boarding and sales processes. Andrew’s role as an independent project advisor is to assist the customer and their Microsoft partner to achieve the project’s outcomes.

Listen in as Andrew highlights several critical factors to the success of the CRM project at Devon Financial Services:

  1. The value of using an independent project advisor especially, if you’re a Microsoft customer with insufficient capacity or previous experience implementing Dynamics 365.
  2. Use a proof-of-concept to mitigate technical and business risks early in the project.
  3. Don’t change Microsoft partner (if you can help it).
  4. Get the right people on the team.
  5. Using Azure DevOps as a single source of all requirements and work tracking.
  6. Consistent executive sponsorship.
  7. An emphasis on change management, not just with the users, but also a communication effort within and across the project workstreams.
  8. Having a co-located project team to improve daily communications.
  9. Requirements are fundamentally important.

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Author: Neil Benson

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