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#124. When you’re using an agile approach, like Scrum, how and when should you document your Dynamics 365 or Power Platform applications? After all, the Agile Manifesto says, “We value working software over comprehensive documentation”, right?

Before projects start, my teams document requirements in a product backlog, visualise the backlog in a user story map, and discuss the project during a solution blueprint review workshop.

During sprints, we’re writing unit tests, functional test cases, describing our features in wiki pages and tracking our decisions in a decision register.

Towards the end of the project or before a production release, we’ll export the wiki as an as-as-built solution design document  and hand it over the axe-wielding psychopaths who will be supporting and maintaining our applications.

And, of course, we’ll produce all the other documentation our product owner asks us to if she create documentation-related items and prioritises them in the product backlog.

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