Defining requirements for complex Power Platform apps with Hamish Sheild – YouTube

120. Hamish Sheild describes his five step Solution Mapping framework for using design thinking principles to define the requirements for complex Power Platform applications.

• Hamish has discovered Outlook’s Board View and Neil is evaluating Motion for improving productivity.
• AppRising’s Solution Mapping Framework
• What is a complex application?
• Observing users in their environment
• Customer journey mapping
• Swimlane business process mapping
• Are as-is process diagrams worth the effort?
• Creating a product backlog of user stories
• Focusing on value when creating a user story
• What’s the right level of detail for user stories?
• Establishing a Power Platform centre of excellence. 
• Are centres of excellence only for organisations with lots of ‘citizen developers’?


• Hamish Sheild ( on LinkedIn
• AppRising ( on LinkedIn
• AppRising ( website
• Microsoft Outlook Boards View ( videos on YouTube
• AppRising’s Solution Mapping Framework ( for gathering and defining requirements for bespoke Power Platform applications.
• Microsoft Power Platform Center of Excellence (CoE) Starter Kit (
• Dynamics 365 and Power Platform User Group, Auckland, New Zealand ( Support the show (

🌏 Amazing Apps ( website
🟦 Customery on LinkedIn (
🟦 Neil Benson on LinkedIn (

🚀 Agile Foundations for Microsoft Business Apps (
🏉 Scrum for Microsoft Business Apps (
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Author: Neil Benson

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