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In this data analyst interview questions and answers you will learn the latest and top questions asked by companies for data analyst interview. This data analyst interview questions video covers all kinds of questions starting from basic to advanced questions so that you can get benefited. We can assure you that if you watch this data analyst interview preparation video completely you can crack any data analyst job interview easily.
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⭐Following topics are covered in this video:
00:00 – Data Analyst Interview Questions And Answers
01:18 – What are the Key differences between Data Analysis and Data Mining?
02:17 – What is Data Validation?
03:40 – What is Data Analysis, in brief?
05:10 – How to know if a data model is performing well or not?
06:42 – Explain Data Cleaning in brief
09:24 – What is Data Profiling?
11:03 – What are the prerequisites to become a Data Analyst?
12:31 – What is an outlier?
14:19 – What are some of the popular tools used in Big Data?
14:56 – What is the use of a Pivot table?
15:45 – Explain the KNN imputation method, in brief.
17:12 – What is Hierarchical Clustering?
20:20 – What is Time Series Analysis (TSA)?
20:52 – Where is Time Series Analysis used?
22:15 – What is collaborative filtering?
25:27 – What is K-means algorithm?
27:38 – Why is Naive Bayes called ‘naive’?
28:58 – How are outlier detected?
32:14 – How is it beneficial to make use of version control?
33:15 – What are the future trends in Data Analysis?
38:26 – What are the disadvantages of Data Analytics?
42:04 – Can you please talk about your past Data Analysis work?
47:33 – What tools do you prefer to use in the various phases of Data Analysis?
48:07 – Which step of Data Analysis Project do you like the most?
49:21 – Have you earned any sort of certification to improve your learning and implementation process?

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Why Data Analytics is important?

Data analysis is an internal organizational function performed by Data Analysts that is more than merely presenting numbers and figures to management. It requires a much more in-depth approach to recording, analyzing and dissecting data, and presenting the findings in an easily-digestible format.

Why should you opt for a Data Analytics career?

If you want to fast-track your career then you should strongly consider Data Analytics. The reason for this is that it is one of the fastest growing technology. There is a huge demand for Data Analyst. The salaries for Data Analytics is fantastic.There is a huge growth opportunity in this domain as well. Hence this Intellipaat Data Analytics tutorial is your stepping stone to a successful career!

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