Can you really gain competitive advantage with Dynamics 365? with Martin Hinshelwood – YouTube

#146. In this episode, we’re thrilled to have Martin Hinshelwood from naked Agility join host, Neil Benson. Martin shares his perspectives on improving the success of agile engagements through the role of a consulting product owner, and why you should build your own business applications rather than buy Dynamics 365 if you’re looking for competitive advantage. Hit the play button and dive into this insightful conversation between Neil and Martin!


02:46 The importance of unique capabilities in a competitive market
06:09 The power of vertical integration
11:58 Outsourcing core business practices
16:37 Risks and rewards in business
21:02 The incompetence of business
31:38 The role of a consulting product owner
33:44 The role of a scrum master in the professional services world
36:56 Using APIs to drive innovation


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Author: Neil Benson

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