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šŸ”µ Intellipaat Microsoft Azure DevOps training:
In this Azure DevOps Tutorial video, you will learn all the concepts of Azure and DevOps from basics to advanced level along with the hands-on demo and azure interview questions and answers. This is a must-watch session for everyone who wishes to learn Azure, DevOps and make a career in it. In this session, we have covered what is Azure DevOps, Azure DevOps features, Azure DevOps architecture, Azure DevOps pipeline, Azure DevOps online training, Azure Repos, git and tfvc for azure Repos, Azure Artifacts, Azure test plans – understanding and creating test plans, Azure Pipelines, Azure functions pipelines, build, test, deploy, app azure service, Azure DevOps boards, and its integration, which azure certification to choose and finally azure interview questions and answers and DevOps interview questions.

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00:00 – Azure DevOps
00:52 – What is Azure DevOps?
03:14 – Benefits: Azure DevOps
04:52 – Azure DevOps Services vs Azure DevOps Server
09:28 – Key Features of Azure DevOps
36:04 – What is Azure Repos?
40:34 – Git vs TFVC
47:27 – Search your Code
55:34 – Azure DevOps Architecture
01:25:04 – What are Azure Artifacts?
01:44:48 – Connecting to Azure Pipelines
01:48:22 – Exploratory and Manual Testing
01:56:01 – Test from Kanban Boards
02:33:14 – Deploy to Azure
02:37:27 – Key Concepts in Pipelines
02:40:54 – YAML Basics for Pipelines
03:16:58 – What are Azure Boards?
03:25:04 – Best Practices for Agile Management
03:28:19 – Azure Boards Concepts
03:34:03 – Work Items
04:39:00 – What is Active Directory?
04:44:48 – What is Azure Active Directory?
04:58:03 – Terminologies in Azure Active Directory
05:27:13 – Which Azure Certification to Choose?
06:34:16 – DevOps Interview Questions

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šŸ”µ Why DevOps is important?

DevOps implementation is going through the roof with most of the largest software organizations around the world invested heavily in its implementation. The core values of DevOps are effectively based on the Agile Manifesto but with one slight change which moves the focus from creating a working software to one that is more interested in the end-to-end software service mechanism and delivery.

šŸ”µ Why should you opt for an Azure career?

If you want to fast-track your career then you should strongly consider Azure. Cloud computing and cloud infrastructure are today some of the most powerful shifts that are happening in organizations around the world that want to benefit from its strengths like low cost, instant availability and high reliability. The Intellipaat industry-designed Microsoft Azure training is for those looking to make a solid career in the Microsoft Azure domain and become a Microsoft Azure certified professional. The salaries for Azure professionals are very good. Hence this Intellipaat Azure DevOps video is your stepping stone to a successful career!

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