AZ 140: Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop – Episode 29 – Topic 12: Part 2 – YouTube

Welcome to a brand new series which is all around the AZ 140 – Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Exam Study Guide. This series goes through all the exam topics and will feature both theory and practical labs!

This is Episode 29 where we start looking at part 2 of the install and configure apps on a session host topic!

Episode Breakdown:

00:00 – I Am IT Geek Intro
00:52 – Episode Breakdown
02:19 – Upload MSIX images to Azure NetApp Files in AVD
03:47 – How to configure Apps for users
04:26 – Demo: Nerdio – Deploy Desktop Images
07:44 – Episode Summary

Microsoft Exam Page –

AVD Tech Community –

Set up your Azure NetApp Files account –

Setup capacity pool in Azure NetApp files –

AZ-140 Labs:

MeasureUp Practice Exam –

AZ-140 Book –



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