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#148. Get ready for another captivating episode of Amazing Apps! In this episode, Neil Benson engages Shawn Tabor, Director of Consulting Services at Hitachi Solutions, in an insightful conversation about the dynamic realm of Microsoft Business Applications and its role in the manufacturing and service industries. Explore Hitachi’s product landscape, investment strategies, and the art of identifying patterns to create accelerators for efficient project estimations. Discover Shawn’s podcasting journey, collection hobbies, and upcoming conference plans.


05:40 Improving customer experience for manufacturers
07:36 The power of strategic planning
09:56 The challenge of implementing Microsoft ecosystem
10:59 Microsoft investment strategies
14:06 Simplifying field service applications
15:07 Streamlining field service
20:59 Significant implementations across manufacturing, services, and healthcare
21:37 Integration challenges in the field service business
23:34 Power Platform innovations
24:55 Agile methodology


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Author: Neil Benson

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