A Power Apps Portal for 1 Million Users in 100 hours with Mohammed Mohsin Khalid, Imperium Dynamics – YouTube

#89. Join me with Mohammad Mohsin Khalid. And he’s the founder, CEO and chief architect at Imperium Dynamics. He and his team built a Power Portal to support a million constituents booking their COVID test appointments, and they did it in less than 100 hours.

Our discussion covers:

• The physical logistics of drive-up COVID testing for thousands of people.
• Why custom scheduling was used instead of the inbuilt scheduling functionality of the Dynamics Healthcare Accelerator on Power Platform
• The unique challenges faced when developing an application to be scalable for a million people to use.
• The kinds of building blocks available in the Healthcare Accelerator that can be used.
• Lessons learned from building an application in a very short timeframe. 

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Author: Neil Benson

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