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Here we go – Episode #4! Have you ever had an idea, and you want to quickly prove it out? Or have you wanted to build out a scenario to expand your own skills, whether that is development, design or perhaps other skills? You’ve probably heard about Hackathon events in recent years, and that’s what we’ll focus on in this episode! I’m very excited to introduce my second guest of the show, Maria Vrabie, a very good friend, who has plenty of experience with Hackathons, both participating in them and organising or mentoring for them. It’s a very insightful session, so let’s go ahead and find out more about Maria’s experience with Hackathons. Here we go.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:30 – Episode Context
02:13 – Maria’s Hackathon Background
05:00 – Hackathons since University
06:35 – Moments that stand out
08:16 – Organizing a Hackathon
09:30 – Hackathon Tips
11:15 – Testing
12:15 – Hackathon Tip – Being Organized
14:00 – Hackathons for All
15:20 – What makes a good hackathon a great hackathon?
16:50 – Inclusive Environments
17:30 – Requirements in Hackathons
20:18 – DevOps & Sprints in Hackathons
21:50 – What could organisations learn about hackathon scenarios?
26:08 – What is the most exciting thing from your Hackathon experience?
27:50 – How to get involved in/get started with Hackathons?
29:45 – Outro

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Author: Chris Reddington

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