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Zero to Hero book Excerpt : It is a human trait to be goal oriented. We set our minds, resources, time, and schedule towards an end goal. When there is delay in reaching these targets, we often find ourselves growing weary and discouraged. We live in an “instant” culture, being told that things happen quickly and with little hard work because we are only shown the highlights of one’s life. We often don’t see the long hours and hard work people put into achieving their goals and it can be misleading to our own goals. However, we do know at our core that things take time and require effort and diligence. In order to accomplish the extraordinary we need to labour tirelessly, and at times unwillingly, in pursuit of the new job, the career, home, car, family, vacation, or whatever the goal (dream) may be.

I would like to propose to you an additional way of pursuing dreams; find joy and excitement in doing the ordinary things extraordinarily! In order to achieve your major goals, break them up into smaller tasks, or minor daily achievable actions and then perform these actions with excellence. You will notice a sense of accomplishment as you complete your smaller achievements each day. Remember that nothing we do goes to waste, and every little movement we make contributes to the bigger picture.


Author: Victor Dantas

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