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In this 24 minute walkthrough of a 50 minute talk I gave, we build this scenario: It’s the future. I mean, it’s still 2019 but it’s like, say, two weeks from now. All employees are judged by their ability to suck it up and put on a smile through the workday. Otherwise: be removed from the PowerApps team and put on the next FORTRAN project.

In this walkthough I build everything from scratch first creating a mobile PowerApp that takes a picture of a face, analyzes it with Azure Face API, using AI to detect its emotion. Those that appear unhappy are sent via Flow approval to the CEO to be assigned to the PowerApps or FORTRAN teams. (Unless the CEO has their out of office message set, then the janitor will get to pick). Those that are picked for FORTRAN will get added to a table on an on premise SQL Server database list, sealing their fate. At the end, you can take your picture and let the CEO (or janitor) vote on your fate.

This scenario is a way for me to show these commonly asked about techniques and features:
– Capture camera image from another control
– Trigger sound off of values returned from flows
– Use external API
– Use Azure Cognitive Services
– Flow approvals with custom actions
– Determine if an approver is out of office
– Find an approver’s boss using Active Directory
– Save viewable images from PowerApps to SharePoint
– Detect if running on web or mobile device
– Use flow To connect to on premise DB
– Use variables in Flow
Download the files on GitHub:

Download the On Premises Data Gateway here:


Author: Phil Topness

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