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In this video, you will know what is google cloud platform, various gcp services with a hands on demo on google cloud to help you understand the concepts better.
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👉Following topics are covered in this google cloud tutorial:
00:00 – What is Google Cloud Platform
01:08 – Why GCP?
03:39 – What is GCP?
04:30 – GCP Global Infrastructure
05:01 – GCP Services
05:30 – Compute Services
07:05 – Storage Services
08:12 – Networking Services
10:24 – Big Data Services
10:54 – Identity & Security Services
11:30 – Machine Learning Services
12:40 – Hands-on
32:16 – A quick walkthrough
32:59 – Quiz

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Why Google Cloud Platform is important?

Cloud computing has grown massively and is poised to grow likewise and on-premise infrastructure will essentially have no future. A few vital players have developed in the cloud computing circle, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), computing behemoth IBM, Microsoft Azure and Apple’s omnipresent iCloud. With such alternatives, why are organizations like 20th century fox entertainment, dominos, HSBC, Bloomberg, Paypal and Twitter are moving their workloads to Google Cloud Platform? You will learn the reasons. The Intellipaat’s google cloud tutorial is easy to understand, has real world GCP examples and thus makes you understand why GCP is so important and why you should go for a GCP Career.

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Author: Aprit Dixit

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