Webinar: Automated Tool for Dynamics NAV Upgrade to Extensions – YouTube

During the live webinar, we have shared our experience on Automated Tools for Nav Upgrade to Extensions, including Simplanova Upgrade to Events tool and Simplanova Report Converter.

The following questions were explored during the online webinar:

How to move Dynamics NAV/365 Business Central (up to latest version) code to events automatically with Simplanova Upgrade to Events tool (this tool now is used by Simplanova team internally for extensions projects and currently we do not offer it to partners).

How to convert C/SIDE reports to RDLC reports and extensions automatically with Simplanova Report Converter.

With Simplanova Report Converter You can convert AUTOMATICALLY Classic Dynamics NAV reports (supported up to Dynamics NAV 2009 R2) to newer RDLC NAV report format (Dynamics NAV 2013 and above): https://simplanova.com/simplanova-report-converter/

Simplanova is developing Upgrade to Events Tool, which moves Dynamics NAV / 365 Business central code to Events automatically. This tool now is used by Simplanova team internally. Find out more: https://simplanova.com/upgrade-events-tool/


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