Using SVG icons in Power Apps Canvas apps

To create high quality visualizations for apps that can both scale to high resolutions as well as be dynamically manipulated via formulas, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) would be a great choice for Canvas Apps. While there is no native support for SVG features in Power Apps, you can bring in their XML definition and work with it to create a gallery to browse a complete library of icons…

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Using SVG icons in Power Apps Canvas apps – Jukka Niiranen

When creating business applications on Microsoft Power Platform, a major difference between the traditional “CRM style” Model-driven apps and the modern “mobile first” Canvas apps is the possibility of visualizing data and available features in the app. Yes, having well-structured data to begin with is of course a fundamental requirement of being able to construct a meaningful business app.

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Author: Jukka Niiranen

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