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Top 7 reasons to learn Microsoft Azure

👉 Reason 1: Easy to Learn and Adopt
– Microsoft Azure is easy to learn and adopt because of its premium tools like Visual Studio, VS Code, Azure CLI, Storage Explorer, Azure Data Studio and many more.

👉 Reason 2: Public Cloud Adoption 2019
– Microsoft Azure ranked at the second position in public cloud adoption as compared to AWS, Google Cloud and other vendors.

👉 Reason 3: Supports for Multi-platform
– Microsoft Azure is for every developer and framework like .NET, Java, Php, Python, Node.js etc. In Azure, you can build and deploy the application by using any tool and framework you like.

👉 Reason 4: Better integration with .NET platform
– Microsoft offers unmatched features and integration with .NET based applications. The developers who already know .NET platform can easily build cloud based-application using Azure.

👉 Reason 5: Hybrid Benefits
– Microsoft provides the hybrid benefits to their existing clients who already have Windows Server and SQL Server license. They can use their existing licenses with Azure. Even, AWS is 5X expensive than Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server.

👉 Reason 6: Supports For DevOps
– One of the latest and trending technology in the IT field is DevOps. With Azure DevOps, you can design and implementation DevOps strategies for your applications easily. So Azure DevOps is a great offering from Microsoft.

👉 Reason 7: High Paying Jobs
– Nowadays, Cloud skill is in demand. Microsoft Azure is used by fortune 500 companies and top MNCs in the world. Being a Microsoft Azure developer you will get a higher salary as compared to an application developer.

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Author: Sourav Raj

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