The Webinar: Developing with JavaScript for Dynamics 365 BC – YouTube

The webinar will overview these practices and steps:

  1. Adding control add-in

We will add control add-in to the page and set up the necessary setup.

  1. Invoking events

JavaScript lets us modify Dynamics 365 Business Central page – we will modify the page to create on load event – message.

  1. Factbox control add-in

We will create a factbox-control add-in page in order to add it to any page.

  1. Embedding customer‘s Home page to FactBox

We will improve our add-in with the customer’s home page. This will show how to transfer information from NAV to Javascript.

  1. Managing add-in with NAV actions

Not wanting to load the page on every customer? Let’s create an action for loading it.

  1. Managing add-in with Javascript Buttons

Let’s go even further – auto-create buttons in control add-in to load our webpage. This part will show how to create buttons to communicate back to Navision.

You can find the project shared during the webinar in GIT repository:

If you want to deepen your knowledge in this or any other Extensions topic, do not hesitate to check our Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions Training: or drop an e-mail at


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