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In this video, we will look at the top reasons for you to start using Power Automate. Also, this is the last episode of the series so I thought what’s better than a comparison. If you remember, in my first episode I asked you that have you found your reason to use Power Automate yet? Well, if you haven’t I am giving you the reasons in this episode.

Power Automate Flow Dynamics 365 CE Workflow
No Code SMS Integration Not OOTB
Social Media Integration Not OOTB
Convert to PDF (Multiple ways available) Not OOTB
Copy Salesforce Account/Contacts to D365 Not OOTB
Sync email attachements to OneDrive Not OOTB
Gmail to Dynamics 365 and Dynamics 365 to Google calendar Not OOTB
Updating 1 to Many relationship records Not OOTB
Update a lookup field from text field Not OOTB
Update opportunity/order/quote from opportunity/order/quote close forms Not OOTB
Everything in the list above is in context of Dynamics 365. Out of the box (OOTB) Dynamics 365 workflows can’t do any of the above. You will have to create a custom workflow (#code) or a plugin (#code).

Hope I have given you reasons to start working on Power Automate.

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