Testing Web API Using Postman | ASP.NET WebAPI Tutorial – YouTube

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In this course, you’ll about what is SOA, REST and REST Principles including an introduction to ASP.NET Web API and choosing between WCF and Web API. Further, learn to create ASP.NET Web API and testing it using the Postman app.


  1. ASP.NET Web API Tutorial (Course Overview) https://youtu.be/4YLVihrw3pc
  2. Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture – SOA | SOAP https://youtu.be/KkGdJiuA8YY
  3. What is REpresentational State Transfer (REST) https://youtu.be/tikW1YtyqpY
  4. Introduction to ASP.NET WebAPI https://youtu.be/Y9_DaPqFeww
  5. WCF vs Web API https://youtu.be/fzB_rqb3haY
  6. How to Create an ASP.NET Web API Project https://youtu.be/qInFQ4q6mM4
  7. ASP.NET Web API -Controller and Action https://youtu.be/mhgiCOtVDy4
  8. Introduction to Postman https://youtu.be/v7zi6r8E4ig
  9. Testing Web API Using Postman https://youtu.be/Ss6f7pBK33g

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Author: Sourav Raj

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