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In this video on Tableau vs Power BI you will understand about the top bi tools 2020 and top data visualization tools used in the IT industry, and which one should you use for better visualization. So in this Tableau vs Power BI comparison some important parameters have been taken into consideration to tell you the difference between Tableau and Power BI and also which one is preferred over the other in certain aspects in detail.
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đź“ťFollowing topics are covered in this Tableau and Power BI comparison tutorial:
01:05 – What is Tableau and Power BI?
01:14 – What is Tableau?
01:42 – What is Power BI?
02:10 – Data Visualization in Tableau & Power BI
03:26 – Power BI vs Tableau
06:33 – Pricing
07:49 – Functionality
08:32 – Which is better to choose?.

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What do you think which one of them is better among Tableau vs Power BI according to you? Tell us in the comment section below.

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Why Tableau is important

Tableau is taking over each and every other Data Visualization tools because of its simplicity and rich functionality in data analysis. Reporting, graphs, organizing data, data blending, integrating with R and Hadoop are the most important aspects of Tableau that are being used everywhere from. Taking the Intellipaat Tableau training can help professionals to build a solid career in a rising technology domain and get the best jobs in top organizations.

Why Power BI is important
Today every business enterprise and department needs extensive business insights and Power BI puts the power in your hands. You can easily work with multiple sources of data, convert it into a report, graph, or data visualization of your choice. Get real-time insights and deploy it faster than any other BI tool available in the market. It is open source and highly intuitive and does not need technical knowledge or IT support.

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