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This Sql tutorial explains sql constraints & it’s various types in detail.

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Why take this course?
1. Most companies estimate they’re analyzing a mere 12% of the data they have – Forrester Research
2. An SQL database administrator in the United States can earn $91,000 – indeed.com

To work with large databases it is one of the most important database servers available in the market. The best part about Microsoft SQL Server is that it can be used with any DBMS System with any vendor. It is an interactive language where answers to complex questions can be fetched in seconds.

What you will learn in this course?
This course will be covering following topics:
1. Understanding of the database creation, file and data addition and modification
2. Knowledge of the various roles and responsibilities of SQL Server
3. Clustering of server, creation of users and monitoring of job
4. Understanding of measures of the Server security

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Author: Aprit Dixit

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