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Intellipaat Blockchain course:
In this smart contract-blockchain tutorial you will learn basic concepts like what are smart contracts, various smart contract features, how does smart contract work, what all are the platforms where smart contract work with smart contract use cases on ways of deploying smart contracts. At the end you will know the career opportunities you have in blockchain.

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This smart contract tutorial helps you to learn following topics:

01:21- what is a smart contract?

01:57 – smart contract features

03:41 – how does smart contract work?

05:04 – platform where smart contract work

05:59 – hands on ethereum smart contract

14:50 – career opportunities in blockchain

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Why should you watch this smart contract tutorial video?

A smart contract can formalize the relationships between people, institutions and the assets they own. The transaction rulesets (agreement) of the smart contract define the conditions – rights and obligations – to which the parties of a protocol or smart contract consent. We are offering the top smart contract tutorial that can be watched by anybody to learn smart contract. Our smart contract tutorial has been created with extensive inputs from the industry so that you can learn smart contract easily.

Who should watch this smart contract tutorial?

If you want to learn smart contract to become fully proficient and expert in forming relationship between parties through blockchain then this Intellipaat explanation on smart contract is for you. This Intellipaat smart contract tutorial is your first step to learn blockchain. This smart contract video can be taken by anybody to upgrade their careers and get on the exciting blockchain bandwagon and also Professionals looking to up skill on blockchain then you can also watch this smart contract tutorial to take your skills to the next level.

Why smart contract is important?

The scope of applications of this technology is a lot. Smart contracts allow you to exchange money and property without help of intermediaries. It is being used in a lot of industries.

Why should you opt for a smart contract career?

You will grab the best jobs in top MNCs after finishing Intellipaat blockchain online training. The entire Intellipaat blockchain course is in line with the industry needs.There is a huge demand for blockchain certified professional. The salaries for blockchain professional are very good. Hence this Intellipaat smart contract tutorial is your stepping stone to a successful career!

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