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#142. Neil Benson discusses the challenges of organizing a large Scrum team to maximize efficiency. He suggests rotating developers between teams and organizing teams around specific components or external systems they need to integrate with. Neil also recommends self-organizing teams and coaches teams to create their own code of conduct and establish expected behaviors. He shares his experience of organizing teams by components in the past at RACQ and why it wasn’t the best approach.


• Scaling Scrum with Nexus on (
• Richard Hundhausen, co-creator of Nexus, on Amazing Apps #136 (

(02:52) Large team split into component-based teams for Scrum framework. 
(04:49) Organizing teams by component creates interdependencies and hinders productivity; a better approach is having a team with all the necessary skills. 
(08:27) Allowing developers to form their own teams empowers and trusts them to be accountable for their work, rather than having a manager organize teams. 
(11:16) Amazing Apps Retrospective: behind the scenes.
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