Should .NET Developers Stick or Switch to Power Platform? – YouTube

#153. Neil Benson is joined by Keith Atherton, a proper pro developer. Keith shares his journey from developing custom apps using .NET, C# and SQL Server to embracing and mastering the development of enterprise business applications using the Power Platform.

What do developers lose and gain using Power Platform compared to developing an app from scratch with .NET and SQL Server.
The power of rapidly prototyping applications in Power Apps even compared to wireframing tools, like Basalmiq.
How Keith decides when to use a low-code option or write code to meet a requirement.
The value of documenting our own solutions and decisions, even if it’s just for our own benefit later.
Developers are used to unit testing, automated regression testing, AI-assisted programming. Do you miss those capabilities when working with Power Platform, especially Power Fx?
How Keith thinks about keeping his skills up-to-date and mastering so many competencies through a weekly learning routine.
Why .NET and C# developers should start with PL-900 Power Platform Fundamentals as their starting point for learning how to transfer their skills to Power Apps development.
If Keith had a magic wand, Microsoft would enable him to use C# in the Power Fx editor.

Keith Atherton on LinkedIn:
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PL-900 Power Platform Fundamentals training on Microsoft Learn:
Real-world examples of Power Platform solution architectures:

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