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In this selenium tutorial for beginners video you will learn what is selenium ide, what is software testing and its types, various automated testing tools, components of selenium, what is maven and why do we need it. In this selenium automation testing tutorial you will also learn how to create automated tests in selenium and how to work with annotations in TestNG in detail. There is a complete selenium project as well to master the concepts taught in this tutorial.
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📝This Selenium tutorial helps you to learn following topics:
00:00 – Selenium Tutorial
00:54 – Selenium Integerated Development Environment
03:57 – Selinium Remote Control
05:32 – Selinium Grid
07:25 – Selenium WebDriver Architechture
08:03 – WebDriver Architecture
09:05 – WebDriver Limitations
11:00 – Download and Install Selenium WebDrivers
11:45 – Java Environment Setup
12:05 – Establish Test Environment
23:20 – How to create packages
25:05 – How to download and configure the thirdparty BrowserDrives
25:34 – BrowserDrivers
32:00 – WebDriver Class Execution
43:24 – Web Elements
45:50 – Different kind of WebElements
48:20 – How to find the WebElements and its HTML code
54:43 – Element LOCATORS
01:19:20 – Firebug and Firepath
01:21:43 – Selenium web driver methods and HTML Tags
01:31:23 – Browser Navigation Methods
01:28:20 – Web Element methods
01:46:10 – Tag in HTML
01:56:10 – Xpath
02:07:20 – CSS Selector
02:08:41 – Methods used to identify elements uniquely
02:13:30 – ChroPath
02:16:30 – Checkbox
02:24:56 – Drop down Web Elements
02:39:15 – Radio Buttons
02:49:48 – Web Alerts
02:50:19 – Types of Alerts
03:02:17 – Xpath Axes
03:10:37 – What is meant by Actions Class
04:30:16 – About Java Robot
04:31:43 – Installation Process
04:32:00 – Advantages of Robot Class
04:32:20 – Disadvantages of Robot Class
04:33:40 – Methods of Robot Class
05:08:04 – Ecommerce Project

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Why should you watch this Selenium tutorial?

Selenium is a powerful yet open source testing platform that is being used extensively by some of the largest corporations in the world. We are offering the top Selenium tutorial to gain knowledge in software testing. Our Selenium course has been created with extensive inputs from the industry experts so that you can learn Selenium and apply it for real world scenarios.

Who should watch this Selenium video?

If you want to learn Selenium to become a Selenium expert then this Intellipaat Selenium tutorial is for you. The Intellipaat Selenium training video is your first step to learn Selenium. Since this Selenium tutorial video can be taken by anybody, so if you are a Software Developers, Testers, QA Engineers, System Analysts, Administrators, BI and ETL professionals then you can also watch this Selenium tutorial and enroll for Intellipaat Selenium training to take your skills to the next level.

Why Selenium is important?

Selenium has some distinct advantages over others like an efficient way to generate test scripts, reusing the scripts, validating functionality and automating the test process and remote testing the software codes.Taking the Intellipaat Selenium training can help professionals to build a solid career in a rising technology domain and get the best jobs in top organizations.

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