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In this Selenium Interview Questions and Answers you will learn the latest and top questions asked by companies for Selenium interview. This Selenium Interview preparation video covers all kinds of questions starting from basic to advanced questions so that you can get benefited. We can assure you that if you watch this Selenium interview preparation video completely you can crack any Selenium job interview easily.
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👉Following topics are covered in this Selenium interview preparation tutorial:
00:00 – Selenium Interview Questions and Answers
01:01 – What is Automation testing?
02:00 – Is selenium 2.0 different from Selenium 3.0?
02:38 – Mention some of the popular tools used for automation testing
03:32 – What is Locator? How will you locate an element in Selenium?
04:45 – What are test types supported by Selenium?
06:18 – What is XPath?
07:15 – Explain the difference between Single slash and Double slash in Xpath
08:15 – Why should I use Selenium for Test Automation?
12:26 – What is an object repository?
16:54 – What is Same-origin Policy? How can we avoid it?
18:17 – What is Data-driven framework?
22:32 – What is Selenium and what are the three types of Selenese?
27:08 – How do I handle a frame in webdriver?
30:22 – Describe the difference between Selenium and QTP
33:30 – Mention the types of Listeners in TestNG
35:55 – How can you identify an object in Selenium?
37:12 – What are the important components of Selenium?
38:37 – How does selenium grid work?
42:13 – What is your plan after joining selenium testing role?

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Why Selenium is important?

Selenium has some distinct advantages over others like an efficient way to generate test scripts, reusing the scripts, validating functionality and automating the test process and remote testing the software codes. Taking the Intellipaat Selenium training can help professionals to build a solid career in a rising technology domain and get the best jobs in top organizations.

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