Scottish Summit 2022 – Edyta Gorzon – Design Thinking. Microsoft Teams Designing – YouTube

User adoption in Microsoft Teams environment is a hot topic. Being a Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist is a challenge. In addition to that, organizations are different (size, industry, sector, etc.). Therefore there is not only one the same and the best way to drive Teams’ adoption in each company.

Fortunately, there are a few different tools that may support you with planning and setting adoption projects. One of them is the design thinking method which helps define the key challenges and scenarios by working together with the client. Results you are getting after design thinking customer workshops indicate a direction to run successful Microsoft Teams adoption.

During my session, I will share my insights and experience in using design thinking methods and Microsoft Teams. You will see the real customer cases where this method proved to be a priceless help in driving Microsoft Teams adoption projects.


Author: Scottish Summit

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