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🔥Intellipaat Python course:
This python tutorial in hindi is for everyone who is interested in Python but doesn’t know what it is, how to program in python in hindi or know only the basics. In this python for beginners in hindi video you will learn python from scratch so if you are new in python then this video is for you. We have covered all the basics of python with hands on so you can practice it while watching the video.
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👉Following topics are covered in this video:
01:44 – Introduction to Python
06:15 – Python Installation
07:02 – Python Variables
12:30 – Python Tokens
46:25 – Data Types in Python
01:05:43 – Hands-on: Data Types
01:09:18 – Hands-on: Comprehensions
01:13:55 – Conditional Statements
01:15:25 – Hands-on: Conditionals
01:22:40 – Looping Statements
01:24:18 – Hands-on: Loops
01:30:46 – Functions in Python
01:32:34 – Hands-on: Functions
01:39:23 – Classes and Objects
01:40:33 – File Handling in Python
01:43:01 – Hands-on: File handling

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Why Python programming is important?

Python is a highly popular object-oriented language that is fast to learn and easy to deploy. It can run on various systems like Windows, Linux and Mac; this makes it highly coveted for the Data Analytics domain. Python’s design and libraries provide 10 times productivity compared to C, C++ or Java. A Senior Python Developer in the United States can earn $102,000 – Indeed

Why should you opt for a Python career?

If you want to fast-track your career then you should strongly consider Python. The reason for this is that it is one of the fastest growing and widely used programming languages. There is a huge demand for Python programmers. The salaries for Python programmers are very good. There is a huge growth opportunity in this domain as well. Hence this Intellipaat Python programming session is your stepping stone to a successful career!

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